Pity Please! is a homeless mastery indie game about survival, strategy, exploration, and capitalizing on societal systems while adapting to the vagrant lifestyle! - Coming to PC, iOS & Android

Adapt & Rise Above!

You play as a vagrant who must rise above their unfortunate situation, making the best out of what is available. You must learn to manage your stamina, learn new skills, upgrade your gear, and avoid the cops, while making hobo friends!

A grid-based, casual survival strategy game with a cartoony 2.5D isometric aesthetic.

Find The Perfect Spot To Camp!

You can also invest in upgrading your hobo camp, which will make homeless survival easier by giving you a place to rest and craft items!

Study The Traffic & Form A Panhandling Strategy!

At its core, Pity Please! is a traffic simulation puzzle game. You'll have to study the traffic patterns of vehicles and pedestrians in order to position yourself in the right spot, at the right time to capitalize on rush hour for a successful panhandling attempt!

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