Pity Please! is a homeless mastery game about survival, strategy, exploration, and adapting to the vagrant lifestyle while overcoming challenges and improving your life! A casual grid-based survival strategy RPG with a cartoony lowpoly aesthetic.  - Coming to PC, iOS & Android

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Welcome To The Island

Once your dream destination for a relaxing holiday, but fate had other plans in store for you. As you stepped off the train, an unfortunate encounter left you robbed of everything you had, your belongings stolen, and your connection to friends and family severed. In an instant, you found yourself thrust into the unforgiving reality of homelessness, stranded on an unfamiliar island with nothing but your wits to rely on. 

Study The Traffic & Form A Panhandling Strategy!

At the core of "Pity Please!" lies a traffic simulation puzzle game. Analyze the traffic patterns of vehicles and pedestrians to strategically position yourself for successful panhandling attempts. Capitalize on rush hour to maximize your chances of securing much-needed resources. Study the movement of the city's inhabitants, adapt your strategies, and master the art of panhandling to thrive in the challenging world of homelessness. 

Explore an Open World

Roam the vibrant lowpoly streets of the island town, filled with hidden corners, diverse neighborhoods, and intriguing characters. Embark on an exhilarating exploration adventure and unveil the secrets of this island, each discovery bringing you closer to understanding its unique history and unlocking new opportunities for homeless survival.

Find The Perfect Camp Spot & Enhance Your Survival Skills

Immerse yourself in a journey of survival, resilience, and transformation as you search for the perfect location to establish your hobo camp. Explore the island to scavenge for resources, engage in thrilling minigames to sharpen your skills while keeping a keen eye on your survival needs such as hunger and stamina. Utilize your collected resources to upgrade your camp and ensure you are properly fed and rested, so you're ready for the next day's challenges!

Unleash Your Resilience and Rewrite Your Destiny

In "Pity Please!", every step forward is a triumph. As you navigate the challenging path of homelessness, you will face trials and tribulations and enhance your survival skills. Study the traffic, adapt your panhandling strategies, and explore the open world to uncover the island's secrets. Find solace in the perfect spot for your camp and upgrade your sanctuary amidst adversity. With determination and resourcefulness, you have the power to rewrite your destiny and reclaim your life. Are you ready to embark on this extraordinary journey? 

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